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Thread: Our Town Hall Post Office.

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    Default Our Town Hall Post Office.

    Our Town Hall Post Office in Leamington.

    Why has 'track and trace' monitoring now, in effect, been imposed on postal services where they are relocated into local govt. buildings ? If they are put into these buildings then that is the reason why, they are forced to comply. Really? So, what is a commercial (and key service) - and which governments insistently proclaim is a commercial service - doing imposing 'track and trace?'
    AND they do this despite the fact as I found recently being fully masked up they still refused to allow entry to send something because I am a refusnik and don't agree to 'track and trace.'
    FURTHER btw is it true the 'trace and trace ' data has now been lost (reported a couple of months ago) potentially compromising personal data to criminals all over the world.
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    I'm not keen on it at all, Margaret. When I've been to my local I've offered my name and phone number, but nothing else as I see it as a security risk. Others have taken it further and given false details for similar reasons.

    Government departments haven't exactly got a good record of security and of looking after confidential details. The DSS once faxed me (a wrong number I assume) a claimants file. When I contacted them they weren't even bothered!

    As regards your questions, a quick google reveals that there have been data breaches, but more worryingly, the data in some instances is being sold.

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