View Full Version : Television programmes which really irritate.

23-10-2014, 04:36 PM
There are a few which irritate and annoy my.One in particular is Farm foods, the delivered meals ad.
partly because I can't stand Ronnie Corbett's silly word's -and the whole content of it.
Another is the brash music introducing Strictly......I switch off , I'm allergic to it!!...and- Kieth Lemon, altho' he's funny doing Through the keyhole.;
I'd like to hear if anyone has any more allergies.

23-10-2014, 05:06 PM
Virtually anything on TV at all! If it wasn't for Mrs Rebbonk I'd sell the TV and save on the TV tax (licence).

I can't in all honesty remember when I last watched a programme all the way through. Almost everything seems to be dumbed down and pandering to the lowest dregs of society. - Even the news programmes are a joke.

OK, I'm a miserable old b*gger!

23-10-2014, 10:54 PM
Oh rebbonk ---aren't you just!
But how do you know if you don't watch.I'm not an indiscriminate watcher, but I do like some programmes. I also like some soaps.
I was on a coach going to London a couple of months ago.We got on and my heart sank. No-one even looked-in fact I'm sure they made a big effort not to.
I said 'mornin' all' and a few grunted rhubarb-rhubarbish sounds.Mind you ,it was VERY EARLY .
I bet they were thinking-'Oh my God not one of those sort' ( were you on my coach rebbonk?)so I kept quiet, and snoozed.. Later people were on nodding terms so I said to my friend, 'I wonder what happened on Corrie last night -I missed it.' immediately everyone was telling me and we discussed the rubbishness of the latest storyline,with everyone chatting away to each other putting the world in order.
This being an academic trip, they weren't morons, but if I'd asked earlier 'does anyone watch soaps' they wouldn't have admitted it. Then again they could have blamed it on their wives.
On the way back we were all N.B.F.s)
I will admit that a large % of telly is junk.

24-10-2014, 11:38 AM
Cathidaw, since you seem to be interested in academia, perhaps this site might well interest you?


I spend much of my time with courses from there and a few other places. :)

24-10-2014, 01:57 PM
Thanks rebbonk I'll look into that-not heard about it before.
I'd like to think I was academic--- but perhaps in another life.
I write a bit and have had some published.Paint a bit, teach a bit,photograph a bit, lots of bits which add up to my life.
My academic trip was to the Tate with a Warwickshire writing group , which was wonderful,but afterwards found that most people on my coach went shopping after a quick look around
Once, on a course I often do in Oxford, we went to the Ashmolean.Stayed all day,sitting on our rucksacks either copying/discussing painting techniques. Later-- writing/ making up a story the same evening about one of the paintings, to hand in next morning.. Not easy after an evening pub crawl in Oxford. Stayed up 'til 4 to finish it.
I hope to go again when I've had my op.

24-10-2014, 03:46 PM
I've just started a three week course on WW1 aviation from that site. It's quite good.

I also use http://alison.com/ for a lot of courses.

I'm not really an academic (I only hold an MBA and had my PhD terminated) but I do have a thirst for knowledge. I also write, mainly short stories, but I have ventured into the corporate quality world. I did (a long time ago now) briefly write for a magazine to supplement my funds before I could claim my pension. 200/1000 words wasn't too shabby!