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    Default Doctor Flynn

    A family cat, Flynn, has a knack for knowing when you are poorly and wants to take care of you. This is my take on one such time when someone in the house had the flu or maybe even man flu.

    Doctor Flynn

    The joys of feeling deathly ill
    Doctors can keep their pills if they will.
    I cough and gasp to get some air
    Oh dear me, life isn't fair.

    My breathing parts are sluggish now
    My head, it's tipped, it's time to bow.
    I stretch out on my comfy bed
    And prepare myself; "I'm not yet dead!"

    As I tilt myself to gain relief
    Along comes Flynn; "Will he give me grief?"
    Reaching up he prepares to debate
    "Should I lick him now or resuscitate?!"

    "Give us a kiss"; Thinks dear puss Flynn
    Wondering if it is safe to begin
    He starts the treatment to bring Les life
    Who suddenly rears up; "Stop causing me strife!!"

    Like a startled fairy; Flynn takes off to hide
    Les is angry now; Oh woe betide
    Face all covered in tuddy goo
    What else is Doctor Flynn to do?

    Another patient who needs his care
    His doctoring skills he prepares to share.
    Snuggled up to his mum who is warm
    Her body shape; He tries to conform.

    He thinks about his wasted effort
    His attempts to minister; indeed give comfort.
    Being resuscitated by the family cat
    Not quite what Les thought when he stretched out flat.

    The moral of the story is easy to see
    Your method of cure; Flynn won't always agree
    He still thinks his skills are superior to yours
    But sometimes they involve dribble, fur and claws.


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    Very good.
    Of course it'll fit, you just need a bigger hammer.


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