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    Default Electric Vans

    I'm still not convinced about electric vehicles. While power generation uses gas & nuclear energy, there'll still be pollution issues, plus batteries still have problems, and apparently there are nowhere near enough rare earth minerals in the earth's crust to be able to build enough batteries for all the electric vehicles we're meant to be having in the future.

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    There are plenty of problems Lex.

    The electricity grid cannot cope without being upgraded: solution... Smart meters!
    Batteries decay over time and there is end of life disposal. There is also the expense of replacement during vehicle life.
    Electric motors (depending on type) can emit massive amounts of ozone at ground level.

    I think our politicians have jumped onto the wrong bandwagon, rather like they did with diesel vehicles. To my mind, hydrogen is the way to go (if we must move away from petrol), but that is not without its own problems.


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