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Thread: Man Arrested for Handing Out Crack Cocaine

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    Default Man Arrested for Handing Out Crack Cocaine

    He must be pretty stupid to be handing out drugs in the middle of town in broad daylight:

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    Lex, I have seen student types of fellas, meeting each other and it looks like they are shaking hands but they are exchanging a small package between them, or something like that. Its obvious to me they are selling drugs. I have often observed this kind of behaviour in Leamington waiting for a bus, usually it is the Uni type guys that do this, it seems odd to me sometimes because they look as though they all are friends and know each other , but they shake hands as though they are just meeting or have done some kind of deal. There hand then goes into their pocket as though they have receive something from the guy they shook hands with. Weird.
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    I once saw someone snorting drugs in the window of a high street pub! They ain't overbright!
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