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Thread: Changes to Bus Routes

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    Default Changes to Bus Routes

    Looks like Stagecoach is cutting services across the county:

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    It's a case of use it or lose it.

    Yet we're trying to tempt more people out of their cars and onto public transport, this is hardly going to do that.

    When I was doing my MBA one of the lecturers had done an MBA a couple of years earlier and had carried out quite an in-depth research project into bus usage, particularly in rural areas. He actually managed to sell the project to a bus operator (I can't remember which one) for the mind-boggling amount of 50. - It was worth many times that.

    One of his 'revelations' was that rural communities were going to become more and more isolated as bus operators cut back on non-profitable services.

    That research was at least 25 years ago, things haven't changed.

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    Stagecoach is planning to remove the following journeys because they are not well used:

    0628, 2020 & 2220 Leamington to Warwick Monday to Friday.

    This is dreadful, when some people who use the buses rely on these times to get to and fro from work.


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