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Thread: Bytes per second?

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    Default Bytes per second?

    I am confused, no surprise there!

    I was looking at alternative broadband deals, and noted the speed usage written as either Mb, or Mbps. can you tell me the difference please.

    I was looking at an 18 month fixed deal with plusnet at the average speed 10Mb. for 18.99 pm, after the 18m months expires the prices rockets up to 30 .

    At present I am paying a bit less for a higher speed on Virgin which is M54Mbps for 24 a month, with extra for phone calls but we carefully keep the bills down.

    I do not know what 54Mbps speed is but my guess is it is higher that the 10Mb, as quoted by plusnet.

    Maybe someone here can sort my brain out, the difference between Mb. and Mbps. I assume it means millibyte per second.

    But I think I would be shafted if I went over to plusnet for what seems a slower speed.
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    They are the same thing Margaret. Virgin is faster because they use fibres rather than the old cables that BT own.

    10Mbs is pretty much standard broadband round here. If you are going with Plusnet, the knack is to keep changing as each contracted period expires.
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    Yes, I'm not worried about all this faster speed, but neither do I want it to be too slow. I guess I would notice a marked difference If I went for the plusnet deal as mentioned above. When I worked it out I'm not much better off price wise, because at present my tariff is 24. but that can go up maybe to maybe `30 if we make phone calls during the day. I'm on evening and weekends, but sometimes it is unavoidable using it in the day time. Virgin has put their prices up by 2.50, that is why I'm in a quandary looking around for a better deal, but I don't think there is one that makes a great difference. All the Broadband companies I think are a cartel.



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