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Thread: Get your jab season has started!

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    Default Get your jab season has started!

    I don't believe it! I just had a call from the GP's surgery to say that they booked me in for my 'shingles', jab. I, said but I don't have shingles ! The caller said, oh no, we are offering routine jabs for shingles, I politely declined the offer, I don't normally bother with jabs.

    What's all the damn panic phoning people up now, I really am quite perturbed about that.
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    Shingles is a nasty one. Mrs R had it a few years ago and was quite ill with it.

    I must admit that I've never heard of surgeries touting for business like this. Government incentive? (A few years back our GP told us that it was a government initiative to get people on statins. Mrs R takes them, I don't!)


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