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Thread: Another death of pedestrian, Kenilworth Road.

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    Default Another death of pedestrian, Kenilworth Road.

    THE DEATH of a student on Kenilworth Road has prompted renewed calls for streetlights to be turned on.

    Warwick University student Mohammed Mohiuddin was hit by a taxi on Kenilworth Road in the early hours of Wednesday April 24.

    The 22-year-old lived on campus in Coventry and was in his first year studying law.

    It is the second death of a pedestrian on the road after 18-year-old Warwick University student Archie Wellbelove was knocked down by a taxi in 2012.

    An inquest found the street lights being turned off played a part in English and French student Archie’s death.


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    Sad. Very sad.

    I was driving home yesterday when (I assume) a student engrossed in their music (or whatever) walked out straight in front of me and continued walking down the middle of the road! She didn't half jump when I gave her a good blast of the horn.


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