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Thread: Specialist Autistic School fir Soilhull?

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    Default Specialist Autistic School fir Soilhull?

    A change of direction from integrating pupils with disabilities into mainstream education:

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    I've very mixed views on this. To be honest I can see the benefits of segregation, but I can also see the benefits mixing. Difficult choice I guess, but possibly a choice that the parents ought to be able to make rather than the state.

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    I think there are different levels of 'autism' or behavioural problems, mild to severe, so I don't know if if would be right to separate the more milder affected children from main stream school. But obviously with the more severely affected need more or less one to one or should be taught in smaller groups.
    When I did a stint at a school as playground supervisor and in the dinner hall, I used to have to look after an autistic boy, he was lovely really and was quite attached to me, he would give me cuddles, but then he would kick out at some of the children and he kicked a teacher. I made him say sorry to teacher and any child that he picked on. I used to speak to him gently and explain that he mustn't hurt people, how to share and make friends.
    He also liked music so I used to put play children songs from the school CD library, he would love to sing along and want me to sing along with him. He was a dear child but hard work. He eventually went to a school where he could receive proper remedial support and therapy, in a less chaotic environment. Hopefully he did well, It would have been nice to find out.

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