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Thread: Huge Response to Foodbank Appeal

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    Default Huge Response to Foodbank Appeal

    It's great to see such generosity:

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    People can sometimes surprise you. I always find it's those that can afford least to give do so. Those that have a little can be incredibly stingy.

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    I do hope there will be enough for everyone. Like Rebbonk says, people are surprisingly generous. The churches have always given food parcels and presents to poor families too. I think the idea took off , hence the advent of food banks. It is a shame that they are needed in this day and age though.

    On a negative note , years ago, when I used to walk through the town to work I would offer a sandwich to a street person sitting in a doorway. But he wanted money, he refused the sandwich. There used to be a great soup kitchen in Canterbury at that time for them. So perhaps he had his fill there and just wanted money.
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