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    Just a little moan here. One of our neighbours over the back of us has recently got a dot and it stays out day and night, barking intermittently. I don't think its fair keeping dogs out over night even if it is in a kennel or shed. But today on this lovely sunny day it keeps barking. Not the dogs fault of course, but the selfish owner.

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    Often bored or lonely dogs will bark, and if there are other dogs locally, many will join in.

    Mine barks to let others know she's here! However, we have largely trained her not to bark in the garden for no vaild reason. First bark and she gets brought in. As she likes rummaging in the garden the strategy has paid off.

    A few years back we had a neighbour keep a German Shepherd outside from a pup. The poor little thing barked almost incessantly night and day. She moved away when the dog was about 2 years old.

    Barking dogs don't actually bother me, but I know they get on a lot of people's nerves and they can easily cause neighbourhood discord.

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    I don't mind dogs briefly barking, when they are being taken out for a walk or such like, they can get excited, but when it is left night and day is not fair on them or the neighbours. I remember years ago we had poppy a springer spaniel , would bark when she was in the car, she seemed to know where she was going when she could smell the sea air, she would jump around and bark and her whole tail and bottom would wag! .


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