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Thread: Cuts to Bus Services

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    Default Cuts to Bus Services

    People are going to get stranded, but Stagecoach aren't out to run their business at a loss (although a bit of customer service training for their drivers might attract more passengers):

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    I know a guy who did an MBA project on this exact problem. I can't remember his conclusion, but I do remember him saying that we needed to look at the problem differently and use a different business model if we were not to see isolated communities.

    I thought that Stagecoach had started using smaller buses on these routes? Certainly round here after about 6:30 at night the large single deckers are replaced with much smaller ones. Couldn't these buses be used on rural routes during the day to cut running costs?

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    when I first came to where I lived in BEDWORTH the Midland red buses ran from 7.30 a m 'til 8.00 pm roughly at every 71 .minutes.A trip to my mother's in Coventry had to be carefully worked out or it was a long walk.
    Just after we moved, the service changed to every 18 minutes and came 3 at a time.
    I wonder who worked that out.


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