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Thread: Police Forces to End Alliance

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    Default Police Forces to End Alliance

    Well, my fears of West Mercia Police taking Warwickshire Police over proved unfounded:

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    I almost have forgotten what a cop looks like. Or how to find a police station which is still there and if so-open.

    And how can we ask the time nowadays when we're out.?

    Who knows where their hideaways are?.
    I know of one such place where they think their car can't be seen.but everyone flashes so they haven't made such a good job of it..(and it's in a country road where there are only a few houses-or much traffic.

    And I really believe there is only one attended telephone in the whole of Warwickshire.

    Poor souls ---I really love them.
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    This was hailed as providing great savings. So what exactly has happened and are we now going to see the previous 'savings' return as expenses?

    There is a great deal more to this than we are being told.


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