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Thread: BAD B and B....Or GOOD ONES?

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    Default BAD B and B....Or GOOD ONES?

    Has anyone got a tale about a bad bed and breakfast experience ?
    we did this long ago and it was very popular..and of course I have a few, OR WHY WOULD I ASK!
    here's one;


    Once, years ago I booked a b and b in Blackpool. On arrival we were early and not allowed in 'til noon, so had a look around the town before going back. Our room was at the top back 3 floors up--we had paid for a front first floor. She was sharp and said" Well that's all I've got and if you don't want it we don't give deposits back" Dragging our bags up 3 floors I opened the door --just about. The bed was in the way so it didn't open fully. The room was so small the other side of the bed touched the far wall and the wash basin overhung the foot of the bed.
    The bags were squeezed through the door by taking a few clothes out, and put under the wash basin, a corner, ragged cloth hanging wardrobe hung over the other corner of the bed. We didn't unpack, or even look for a bathroom. There was only a toilet on every landing. As it was very late we stayed that night. Doors closed at 11 pm!!
    In the morning in the dining room, 7-8 am that was our 'slot', we had cereal and rubber scrambled egg and tea my mum called 'winkle wee' , and picked up our bags. Coming down the stairs the landlady confronted us as we had booked for 5 days and wanted her money or she'd call the police.
    I said ,”Go on then”. She argued and fetched her poor little henpecked husband. Well, he wasn't little -a great lump of a man. Poor chap he was so embarrassed.
    I said we were also going to the tourist board that morning to complain, She shut up with bad grace and we left.
    It took us all morning to find somewhere else -- it was conference week, but eventually someone took pity on us and gave us a bare room with just a bed and no curtains, over a cafe by the beach, and the rest of the time was so good.
    I always think these times add spice to life, and even at the time we thought it very funny.
    I did write to the tourist board when I got home and noticed they weren't in the guide book any more.
    I also wrote about it at the time, which I have now found years later.

    Now 2018

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    Good story Cathi, and well done standing up for your rights.

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    Here's is one of my experiences with bed and breakfast and it was in Stratford this time. We visited Stratford Upon Avon a lot when we lived in the South East.
    The Lady who ran the B&B was lovely. But our bedroom was facing the garden which had a pole thing with a very clear largish white skull and cross bones on a black flag. I though how odd, and didn't want to see it, and I kept the curtains shut. That night I had a nightmare and saw witches round my bed dressed in black. I sat up and screamed, but hubby soon calmed me and said I'd been dreaming, but till morning came I never slept another wink.
    We went down to breakfast that morning, nothing was said or mentioned if we had a comfortable sleep, just ate our breakfast, which was very nice, then left to find another B&B. There is another couple of stories of being in creepy houses , one in Warwick, and one in the Lake District, but leave that for now. I think I may have mentioned it.
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    Just after I was married, I asked my mother to book us a midweek break to Blackpool with Supreme Coaches. (She lived just around the corner so it was no trouble for her.) As a joke, she booked us in with a group of OAPs.

    On arrival at the B&B the landlady saw us and immediately said, "Ah good. You two young 'uns can have the highest room as you'll be able to manage the stairs easily. Not a problem, but the room she put us in had an extremely squeaky bed!

    Before every meal I'd sit on the edge of the bed making it 'squeak' for several minutes. Every time we entered the dining room we got a round of applause, much to the annoyance, not to mention embarrassment, of my wife.

    It was actually a great week and so many of the OAPs had no fear and would go on funfair rides that I wouldn't dare. We stayed friends with several of the group for several years afterwards.

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    Some friends got married and honeymooned somewhere in Arden street Stratford.
    It was just before Christmas.. and freezing.
    The husband went to have a bath.
    A long time later he came back grinning.The bath had been painted not long, maybe a few days before, and this was the first time of use. The hot water had blistered the paint, and he'd spent ages picking the bits of paint from his bum.
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