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Thread: Jaguar Landrover closing factories.

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    I heard a report today saying they're recruiting for their overseas facilities - sounds like they're moving the whole operation abroad.

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    I suspect that they will move production abroad where they can, but equally I think it will spectacularly backfire on them. - Both brands are inherently British, and known to do what they promise: and that is largely what sells them.

    The biggest issue that they face is that they have merged the brands instead of keeping them separate. Jaguars are fast gentlemen's cars, Land Rovers are go anywhere trucks. - And for that, the Sales and marketing guys are at fault.

    It's easy to make money from car production in the good times, but once the good times turn you get to see the quality of the management. JLR hasn't got a good team in place, just as Rover hadn't when it finally went bump.


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