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Thread: Redevelopment of Pub

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    Default Redevelopment of Pub

    The flats might be really nice, although a bit on the small side:

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    Great building, but a very dodgy area

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lex View Post
    The flats might be really nice, although a bit on the small side:
    I have longtime friends in that area -and they love it, with not much if any, trouble.
    These pubs should be done up and preserved. We need to be able to see-not just remember what Victorian buildings were really like.
    The new design is what I call modern-ugly.and the rooms certainly will be miniscule.
    The other houses will still be there surrounding it,-hundreds of them, unless the planners have ideas in their pipeline for use of students too in the future.
    It grieves me that there is money for all this development for students, but there is never money to improve the housing situation for normal people.
    Not everyone wants to buy.
    There was nothing wrong with the old council house system , until they built the rubbishy post war estates, many of which are now due to be demolished. Yet, has anyone noticed the 1930s houses built by the council are still going strong, arguably with a few updates. Good solid dwellings.
    I often think if I ever moved from my house which is far too big and the garden bigger, I'd rent. But I love it,even if I am knee deep in plants / weeds . and too many shady trees which cost a fortune to control.
    And what would my birds and squirrels do without me?.
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