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Thread: Disgusting State of 'Baby Feeding Area'

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    Default Disgusting State of 'Baby Feeding Area'

    Frankly, I'd be disgusted too. Looks like there could be scope for proper (and well maintained) baby feeding facilities in public places:

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    The place was full, what were the centre management expected to do? She was advised that there were facilities, although they didn't meet her standards, they were available. I'm sorry, but I think this woman is just looking for an excuse for an argument. - Bit like Mrs R who could start a fight in a phone box!

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    I can't think why she hadn't planned ahead and taken a blanket with her to be discreet, in a way which would offend no-one-if they even noticed. She knew when she went out that baby would need a feed.
    These ladies often are very blatant and sit there in all glory- hoping to offend-and then call the the offended, prudes. I've seen them
    Sitting on a toilet seat was not suggested.She made that up and could have even said they said -'go and sit by the bins.'
    Some people just have to be noticed and need to make a problem out of any situation.
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