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    Default Budget

    Not a lot there for me, except the rise in the tax threshold. It won't be worth the time & effort for the landlord of my local to knock a penny off a pint.

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    Nothing immediate for me to worry about either, but I understand that there were a few nasties for some hidden in the small print.

    Hammond strikes me as a very bland sort of man.

    However, looking at the bigger picture, the austerity drive seems to have failed and as a country we aren't doing very well. Future predictions are rather grim. The buzzword is productivity and we seem to lag behind others with congested roads being cited as one reason. All that tells me is that we're overcrowded and need to stop importing people that have no real skills. Hardly rocket science, but not a view a gonad-less politician will ever go public with.

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    [SIZE=2][SIZE=3]This was a smoke and mirrors budget.
    What does a chancellor worth 7 + million know what the average person wants.
    The raising of the stamp duty to 300,000 is derisive to people on a average wage which is worth less than before the 8 years ago financial crash.
    None of this government realise that half the population live from wage to wage and have no savings.I heard David Dimbleby saying on Question Time " surely people have some money each week to put in for their pensions"
    They can't save for a deposit. All they need is a home so we should be building more council homes than ever.
    Since the end of WW1 It has become a stigma to live in a council house, we've all got too posh with big aspirations. ,but in many countries it is quite normal to rent.
    How many people here have lived in a council house? I lived in one as a child- it was my lovely childhood home, but we couldn't get one, so struggled for 2 years to get a deposit together. Now most'normal' young people will be pensioners before reaching their target deposit -and then the goalposts will have moved again.. they'll have enough to just about pay for their funerals.

    About the health service---
    well I will stop there for now to go shopping and get my breath before launching into the tragedy this government have made of the country,which they blame on the former Labour government.They weren't brilliant either but, I congratulate this bunch for creating this much mess in seven years.
    How did they do it?[/
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