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Thread: Ford to Focus on Large Vehicles

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    Default Ford to Focus on Large Vehicles

    I'm quite sad about this, being a fan of Fords, but not being a fan of people carriers and having no need for a van, I'll have to look at other brands:

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    Can't say I'm a fan of Fords, but they aren't the worst by any means.

    Small vehicles have rarely made money, but they are useful for soaking up the overheads thus making the larger vehicles appear more profitable.

    But Ford has been wallowing for years now. I think getting rid of Nasser was a big mistake. He had almost turned the corner but was denied the chance to see things through with his strategy. - The Premier Auto Group was a masterstroke that would have paid off big time had Ford backed him just a little longer.

    But I think we're going to see a few of the 'established' players get into difficulties over the coming years as we move into different fuels.


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