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Thread: Making wine and stuff.

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    Default Making wine and stuff.

    Any one here make wine?
    I used to make it years ago-always having some waiting in the pipeline. I don't normally drink but found it exciting making our own.The best one ever was rowanberry-we had 3 trees then.It smelled so awful for the first few weeks I had to apologize if anyone came and the kids wouldn't bring their friends in. then it suddenly changed. I've tried lots of wines especially orange
    The reason I'm on about it----6 months ago I made some pineapple and lemon gin. At least -I used a bottle of gin , a large pineapple a lemon and half pound of of sugar. Today I tried it out on some friends and myself, and it is wonderful. It's been a good day.! avery good day
    Tomorrow I'll make some for Christmas. I'm also making blackcurrant brandy the same way. and lemon and ginger vodka.

    Anyone got any good ideas?
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    Many years ago I used to make my own alcohol. Wines, beers, ciders, spirits! But I no longer have the time, inclination or the space.

    I used to make a barley wine that would 'blow your socks off'. - It was really potent.

    There was a guy I worked with taught me all about doing it, though I guess some of it was quite illegal.

    Whilst I like alcohol, the problems I have with gout have seriously curtailed my drinking.

    As for ideas, I always liked the ciders. They were nice and refreshing.

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    I made blackberry gin a couple of years ago. It wasn't brilliant, being my 1st attempt at it, but the blackberries made a fantastic crumble when the gin was done.

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    I strained the residue which had been soaked in gin for 6 months, pressed it into a flat tray and poured hot melted dark chocolate over it, scored into squares.When cool it went into the fridge..........but not for long.
    Quite spectacular sweets.
    Beats crumble any day.
    My son in law's blackcurrant brandy sweets were even better. Nice for a gift.


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