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Thread: Ann Hathaway's Cottage 1890

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    So much in that picture. Wouldn't it be good if we knew the history of those present?

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    As I understand it the first place in Britain ever to have running water, that is water under pressure was Birmingham in about 1876, maybe earlier, and provided by Chamberlain's Birmingham Corporation. This was followed by other cities such as Sheffield and Liverpool. London got running water a couple of years after Birmingham under Bazal Gette.
    Any correction and comments welcome.

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    I agree Rebbonk, the picture of Ann Hathaway's cottage with the maids collecting water looks Idyllic but I am sure it was far from it, they were probably up at the crack of dawn. Stratford Council hadn't provided running water or public water supply. Life was harsher then but it was the norm . The area was rural and conditions on farms, even up to the first world war were harsh as Hardy's novels make clear.


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