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Thread: benjamin joseph whitehead. did he exist.

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    Default benjamin joseph whitehead. did he exist.

    i am trying to find if my information is correct.
    army record for
    benjamin joseph whitehead no 13881
    a groom
    born parish of balsall common warwickshire.
    not lived in his fathers house for three years.
    this i have but have being told on a different army record that he states next of kin benjamin whitehead father later being changed to wife margaret.
    he joined the royal artillary in 1896.
    can someone help me please because the only one i can find with the father as benjamin is joseph whitehead , not a benjamin joseph.
    thank you.

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    Hi Elizabeth, welcome to WOL! Have you contacted the Royal Artillary directly? A lot of regiments seem to have archives going back a long time.

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    Hallo Elizabeth, Sometimes the names are wrong or missed out.
    There are Whiteheads in Bedworth-you may find more information.
    I believe the people who own 'The Cake Shop ' in Park Road are Whiteheads. this may be helpful.


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