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Thread: Donald Trump

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    Well if he does Rebbonk, he is going the wrong way about it in my estimation.

    I get the impression that the UK & US relations are not very strong.

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    I think he's playing a very dangerous game but I think he's trying to open the eyes of the world to what is rapidly becoming a problem with many hardcore muslims.

    Our government certainly aren't telling us the truth about the lack of integration and violence (particularly against women) perpetrated by them in this country and the race card seems to only cut one way.

    Whilst Trump won't be winning friends from the like of Treason May, he might well put others in a mind to question what we are being fed as the truth.

    Just for clarification here, I'm not anti muslim, but I am anti immigration. Unless you have the skills the country needs, I don't believe you should be allowed in, and if found here illegally should be ejected forthwith and have to fight/fund any appeal from another land.

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    He should not be allowed here.
    That Stupid Teresa May toadying up to him, makes me cringe.
    It will bring the largest riots we've almost ever seen if he comes. I'd be among them .

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    Michael Wolff couldn't have got better publicity for his book than Trump throwing a tantrum:


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