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Thread: Tired and Unamused Today

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    Tired and unamused today so going to have a whinge. Last night the power dipped in the area and local burglar alarms responded to this by starting to squawk like an out of sync orchestra. A little while later, there was another blip and I presumed that was possibly a result of it having been fixed - who knows. Anyway, the alarms that had been reset all started up again with the caterwauling and guess what? It is 7:29 am and they are still being a nuisance. I realise the burglar alarms are there for a reason but is there no responsibility on the part of those that either own or are responsible for resetting them so that they do the job they are designed to do without being an all night nuisance. Last night was hot and stuffy and that in itself makes sleeping difficult but add that to the all night racket from the burglar alarms that have not been attended to and you get up in the morning feeling tired, unamused and just a little bit grumpy.

    Whinge over.

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    I believe that 'modern' alarms have a maximum sound time of 20 minutes. However, multiple re-triggers will negate that completely.

    Walking the dog a couple of months back I noticed a very large piece of paper stuck to a front door. It very rudely informed the householder that his alarm had been ringing all day and that the upset complainant worked nights!

    But looking back, I generally think alarms are a lot more reliable now than they used to be 30 years ago.


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