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Thread: Cold Caller With Kitchen Knives

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    Default Cold Caller With Kitchen Knives

    Just to warn others...

    About 10 minutes ago I had a cold caller on my doorstep carrying boxes. Smartly dressed, spoke politely and I would be 99,9% sure the accent was Irish. He opened the top box and it contained a scary looking array of knives and asked if I was interested in them. I said "No thank you". He then tried to sell me pots so was a bit firmer and said "No thank you, I am not interested." With that, I shut the door again.

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    Thanks for the heads up.

    Any unexpected knocks to the door, I let the dog go first. (It's a semi clear door and seeing him parading puts most people on the back foot: I've even had people leg it down the path before I got to the door.) I then tell the dog to go back to the living room and answer the door. As soon as they start their spiel I hold my hand up and say, "No thanks" and close the door. Works every time. Now, if I could only get Mrs Rebbonk to be as 'rude' as she says I am.

    You want to see me when I go shopping and I get approached by these nuisances.

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    I would have notified the police.
    Iwent to Long Market about 18 months ago.I saw a stall selling so many different kinds of knives.The stall was so crowded I could hardly see, but one of the men was extolling the virtues of a dirk, of all things,-showing the crowd, including kids, how it tucks into your sock.These were all laid out-no glass cabinet to protect them.I called the police from my mobile-they were more interested in me!Who I was and what was my problem.They said that someone would-'have a look if they had someone available today.' No-one came in the next hour- when we left.


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