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Thread: Leamington Spa, mid 60's.

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    Default Leamington Spa, mid 60's.

    What Leamington Spa looked like in the mid 60's.
    I can't believe how busy it looked back then.
    Notice also how smartly people were dressed then.

    9802_397739087061529_1401528695790635359_n leam.jpg
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    I also notice that the cars were predominantly UK made. - I think I spot one Fiat.

    I love old pictures, you can learn so much from them.

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    I lived in Leamingtonin the mid 50s, when Bobby's store was not Debenhams -when Burgess and Colbourne were special, the Pump rooms had afternoon tea with -The Van Der Van Trio strolling around with their violins as you sipped tea.
    Aahh, those were the days. I was a poor student nurse then, and we girls went in to pretend we were rich, on an afternoon off as we shared a cake and stretched tea for two into four.
    It was a lovely place and now is so different and appears soulless

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    Leamington has changed since the 50's I'm sure, and has a problem absorbing all the students, but I wouldn't say it is soulless, it has retained much of its friendliness and character overall. You only need to look at Stratford which seems to be losing its character in every year that passes, sadly.


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