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Thread: Bedworth Company Makes Honours Medals

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    Default Bedworth Company Makes Honours Medals

    It's great to see a local company getting the annual order:

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    When I first came to Bedworth my neighbour asked if I wanted a job.I didn't as I had a new baby, but needed the money.The job which I took entailed changing this company's ' filing system' to Toye Kenning and Spencer.Every badge and ribbon they had ever made was stitched onto a card with details hand written--boxes and boxes full. I did it at home and took about 6 months.Before then it was called Kennings.They delivered the boxes to my house and sometimes I took them back on the bottom of my big pram-just wheeled it into the factory which was a 200 years old decrepit place.
    What a job and just when I needed it most.
    Later when I had my business I supplied them with silks.
    Good to know they are still going and doing well.


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