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    Not everyone is comfortable about women breastfeeding in public. I was in the Pump room cafe some time ago when two young women started to feed their babies.Someone asked they'd like a more private table-they were in the middle. They declined saying the babies needed feeding NOW and why should they have to wait.
    So there they sat with all the lunchtime diners being embarrassed by trying not to notice.They both looked quite belligerent. We all know that it's a natural thing and blah, blah, blah, but a bit of decorum and a few good manners wouldn't hurt.
    My babies waited and it didn't do them any harm by crying a bit longer.
    I thought the waiter at Claridges who gave the mother a napkin for discreet cover did the right thing.
    I have a sister in law who was an 'Earth mother'.
    That's another tale.
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    I agree in as much as there's no need to flaunt it. Discretion is surely called for?

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    I'm in full agreement that consideration and discretion is called for in public places.
    I remember a young mother actually breast feeding her baby in Church! There is nothing you can say for fear of embarrassment and upsetting the mother.
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