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    After a week of having to cope with my broadband being broken, it's finally fixed. Following 4 hour long calls to our provider's helpdesk, who told me it was the router, we got a new router & it still didn't work. Finally called in one of those IT people, who tracked the problem down to the socket to the phone line being faulty; a quick repair job and my broadband's fixed!

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    Often the case Lex.

    Slightly off topic...

    I emailed my provider and suggested that as I'd been with them for years, they might like to provide me with a new router. They emailed me back and offered to talk me through fault finding the issues with my present router. I politely informed them that I'd likely forgotten more about fault finding than their 'techies' had ever known, and pointed out that they hadn't actually answered my request. New router by return - Result!


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