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Thread: Wanted - barn or garage space needed for a kit car project

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    Default Wanted - barn or garage space needed for a kit car project

    Hi, I'm planning kit car building project, but as I live in the centre of Leamington, work space is hard to come by. I'm looking for a barn or large garage to use as storage and a basic workshop for a car (or two, if space allows). In Leamington would be ideal, but I'm happy to consider anything in the local area.


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    Best of luck with your quest. Perhaps your best bet would be to approach local farmers or a look round the industrial estates to find a unit that isn't being fully utilised?

    When I needed space (more than a few years back now) an ad in the local paper paid dividends. A very nice elderly lady let me rent at very modest cost; then proceeded to spoil me rotten with tea and cakes every time I turned up for work.

    Did you know, Haydn Davies (Burlington) designed and built his first kit car from a Leamington lock-up.

    What are you planning to build?

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    Thanks very much. We're planning on building a bespoke, very light two seater. It's just going to be a bit of a test of our skills as engineers, as we only graduated last year. If it works out, we may look into getting a proper industrial unit, and make them commercially.

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    Might be worth contacting Coventry University and telling them that you're looking to trial a build with a view to low level production. I can't remember who runs the 'graduates into business scheme', but it used to be well funded and supported. I don't know if they still run the 'Springboard' scheme.

    Other than that, what about begging space at JLR or Aston Martin? They're not a million miles away from you and there is (at least was) the odd empty building around that might help you. You might also want to talk to Dennis Eagle on Heathcote Way. Don't be shy approaching these companies, most love to help those who have aspirations.

    It might be worth talking to the council to see what units they've got on an "easy in easy out" basis. Sometimes, if they're not being used they can be had at very low rate and no council tax for the first 6 months.
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