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Thread: Moving to Warwickshire - Anywhere I should avoid?

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    Default Moving to Warwickshire - Anywhere I should avoid?

    Hi everyone,

    First post on here so be nice! My family and I will be moving to Warwickshire to be closer to my wifes workplace but I don't know too much about areas in the county. I was just wondering if people have any advice for places to look at first and, most importantly, places to avoid!

    Any feedback appreciated.

    Many thanks!


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    Hi Will
    It all depends what kind of area you want to live in and how much you can afford.
    In general the north of the county (say north of Coventry) is more industrialised and therefore cheaper, while the south is much more rural and consequently more expensive, especially around the towns of Stratford, Kenilworth, Warwick & Leamington.
    Obvioulsy I could add a lot of detail to this but did you have any other requirements - e.g. proximity to motorways, railway stations, etc.

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    Hi Ian,

    Thanks for getting back to me. Both the wife and myself drive so public transport isn't too much of an issue (however being relatively close to a bus stop would be a bonus) and we'd be looking somewhere semi rural really; not too industrialised but not right out in the sticks.

    We have a decent budget, nothing massive but a fairly sizeable amount, so hopefully we can find somewhere as desired for a reasonable price.

    I've been told by a friend that Leamington may be a good area to start looking but apart from that I'm still fairly unsure!

    Thanks again


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