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Thread: Moving abroad

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    Smile Moving abroad

    Hi everyone,

    I meant to announce this a whole lot sooner. But I've got a job out in the middle-east, and am going to be spending a large part of at least the next two years living in Qatar.

    How will this effect WO? Well hopefully it won't at all. In fact, I intend to devote my spare time to going through a major rehash of the site. I'll need to get settled in my new job first, but it's on the cards. So this site will be one of my life-lines to what's going on at home.

    Anyway, that's all the news there is for now. I fly out tomorrow, and it's possible I'll be out of contact for a while. Equally it's possible I'll back on the net straight away, as I'm taking my laptop with me.

    Speak soon either way.
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    Boggles.. Shell shocked but wishing you all the very best in the next of life's adventures.

    This - WoL - will indeed be a lifeline for you but also to see what wrongs in our corner of the world we are protesting about next. You will then know all is well so to speak.

    Take care and don't forget, we are only an internet connection away.
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