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Thread: Welfest - Welford on Avon

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    Talking Welfest - Welford on Avon

    Did anybody else go to this event? I got there about 3:00pm, although I wasn't quite sure who I was seeing as I didn't have a programme, when my friend produced one, it didn't seem to tie in with what was playing.

    Anyway, I'm full of praise for Simon Hart for throwing this event, as I'm very keen on seeing live music develop across the district and especially the town. Simon Fowler was excellent as always, and the band that headlined were also extremely good, Picture Book Music I believe they were called.

    It's a shame more people didn't attend, but to be honest I think it's because the word wasn't out there. The festival doesn't have any online presence at all, which I think is unthinkable in these modern times. I only heard about the festival because of a chance meeting with Simon Hart. I felt for some of the artists who struggled to get a response from the small crowed.

    Having said that, Rome wasn't built in a day, and it's a positive start to build on. If I was asked my opinion I'd probably have these ideas to put forward:

    1. Get a proper stage sorted, even a scaffold one would be better than the inflatable one they used, and you can hang lights from scaffold!
    2. There needs to be more for the kids, there were lots of children there with nothing to do. My friends came along with their kids, and although it was only 1 for children, they still felt there should be something there for them.
    3. Following on from point 2. There needs to be more side-stalls and other distractions. A beer tent, pork roast, burger bar, and ice-cream van isn't enough for something that calls itself a "Festival". There was opportunity there for all sorts of things that you see at festivals, anything from clay-moddeling, necklace making, to juggling classes. I'm sure the locals have a wealth of talents to draw from and make use of.
    4. The sound system seemed to struggle a lot of time time, I don't know if this was a noise limiter or faulty equipment, either way it was really struggling with the louder acts. Also having enough equipment so that the drummers could be mic'd up would be great. A few acts had drummers, and you just couldn't hear them!
    5. Better lighting all round. The ladies toilets were in the dark, and most the festival was. The one light showing where the car park was, shut off almost as soon as the music finished, and I had to stumble across a dark field to find my car.
    6. Have hour long sets instead of half-hour sets. Quality not quantity is the key as far as I'm concerned. Because the schedule seemed to be going to pot, some bands ended up only being able to play a couple of songs. You'd just be getting into a set, and then it was over.

    Having said all that, I personally had a really great time. Once the crowd's enthusiasm upped up massively for Simon Fowler and Picture book Music, it suddenly seemed a lot more like what it was trying to achieve. I'm sure next years Welfest will have learnt a great deal from this year's, and it will be a terrific success.
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    I was working :-/ but I will keep it in mind for next year. It sounds like you had a enjoyable day out though. No lights in the carpark and toilet areas when it is dark. Who would be responsible if someone was injured stumbling in the dark?

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    Hi Will,

    I am one of the organisers of Welfest and I appreciate the positive criticisms. We will endeavour to improve every year and have already started working on 2011's festival - 11th June 2011.

    If you have any questions, drop me a line.

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