There are moves afoot to ban the practice of clamping cars, fining them and having them removed from private property...

<Rant>This subject is a tin of worms in itself. Whilst I understand that there are some robbing cowboys out there charging extortionate prices for offenders and engaging in tactics that are less than friendly, the subject of parking on private property without the permission of the owner is also showing complete and utter disregard for the rights of that owner, in fact, it even suggests that the owner has less rights than the individual helping themselves to a facility that isn't theirs in much the same way that someone squatting in your garden shed in your back garden would appear to have more rights to be there than you have to kick them out of your property and don't forget, the Police don't really want to be involved in these sort of issues regarding private property, so where does that leave the owner??

As someone who pays for the right to use a parking space in a private car park it becomes irritating when you arrive and expect to park there and find it occupied, regularly, every day in fact. No sign of the owner.

For those who get up in arms about their right to park on someone else's private property, then perhaps they won't mind if a complete stranger comes along, parks on the property, locks the car and wanders off leaving the owner with no where to park his/her car.