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Thread: Do you live in Warwickshre? Help us fix the food chain and ask your MP: Chris White

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    Default Do you live in Warwickshre? Help us fix the food chain and ask your MP: Chris White

    Meat and dairy is responsible for a fifth of climate-changing gases. It is also wiping out rainforests as they are being cleared to make space to grow animal feed such as soy. Help us do something about it!!

    Green tip: New law for livestock: Ask MPs to back new meat and dairy law.

    You can help us fix the food chain. Call on your MP (Chris White) to back our Sustainable Livestock Bill. Write to them at:

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    Thought it would be helpful to print of copy of the proposal. It sounds good, even if it would no doubt lead to a rise in the cost of dairy products.

    Congratulations on your place in the Ballot for Private Members' Bills.
    As one of your constituents, I am writing to ask you to take up the Sustainable Livestock Bill (see, which calls on the Government to take steps to fix the food chain.
    The policies proposed in the bill could bring benefits for farmers, livestock, consumers, and our planet.
    There is now growing awareness of the environmental impacts of intensive livestock farming.
    The meat and dairy industry accounts for one fifth of all greenhouse gas emissions and is a major driver of deforestation and loss of biodiversity.
    Intensively produced pigs, poultry and dairy rely on high-protein soy for animal feed to produce enormous yields over a short time-span - but this soy is imported from South America, grown at the expense of the Amazonian rainforest, precious grasslands and local communities.
    We urgently need to take action to address this problem.
    Policies must be put in place to reduce our reliance on soy and fix the food chain by promoting alternative feeds, grass-fed livestock and a more sustainable model of farming - one that is both humane and planet friendly.
    Please use this fantastic opportunity to take up the Sustainable Livestock Bill and help the UK lead the way towards planet-friendly food and farming.
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