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Thread: My Christmas Story for Kids

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    Default My Christmas Story for Kids


    It was Christmas Eve, Morgan was lying in his bed, he was not tired at all because all he could think about was Christmas and if Santa Clause would visit his house and bring him some toys.

    Tick tock, tick tock went the clock, it felt like hour after hour had passed and still Morgan was still wide awake, then suddenly he heard a bumping noise outside, it seemed to come from the roof, he scrambled out of bed and looked through the window, nothing, nothing could he see, he was sure something or someone was there so he quietly opened his bedroom door so he did not wake his mum and dad and gently crept down the stairs.

    In the corner of the living room was a large Christmas tree, it was beautiful, full of different coloured lights and glittering decorations. Morgan noticed that under the tree there were no presents, his little heart sank; he knew Santa had not yet been and he hoped that he had not forgotten him. On the fireplace the clock struck midnight, Morgan opened the curtains and looked into the dark cold sky, the frosty covered roofs were all glistening like diamonds and snow was falling heavily on the ground.

    “Did I startle you” said a soft but warm voice. Morgan turned round slowly, his heart was racing, he looked towards the fireplace and standing there was Santa Clause.

    “Is that really you Santa” Morgan said, Santa walked slowly towards Morgan, “yes it is, and im very sorry I startled you but I need your help”.

    “Help” Morgan quizzed Santa, “how can I help you”, Santa sighed and sat on the old chair next to the window, he looked worried and stroked his beard with his finger and thumb, “Morgan” he said “I need something, I need something that will help me make all the children in the world happy, but I don’t know what it is, I have thought and thought about it, but still I don’t know what it is”.

    Santa glanced at the clock, “oh dear it will soon be light and all the children will be waking up, they will be upset because I have not been to their homes and delivered their presents, this has never happened before, it could be the end of Christmas”. Santa Clause was very upset, with tears rolling down his rosy red cheeks he said, “I have let every child in the world down and now its now time to go home”.

    Morgan’s big blue eyes filled up with tears, “I don’t know how to help you” he said. Santa opened his arms and gave Morgan the biggest hug he had ever received, it felt warm and glowing, somehow it made him feel happy and excited, he looked into Santa’s eyes with the biggest smile he had ever given, “by the angels of Lapland, that’s it” Santa said. “The one thing that is missing and the one thing I have to give to every child in the world is a smile,

    “Morgan you have helped me save Christmas, you have given me the best Christmas present I have ever had, thank you so much.

    Morgan was very happy that he could help Santa and save Christmas for everyone.

    Santa asked Morgan to close the curtains, he did and when he turned around again to speak to Santa, Santa was gone.

    Morgan looked at the fire place where Santa was just standing, on the floor was a little note written on silver paper, he walked across the room and picked it up, it read,

    A smile is a gift, a gift is a smile, how big is a smile, it’s more than a mile.

    Morgan put the note in his pyjama pocket and went back to bed. It was not long before he fell fast asleep, later that morning Morgan woke up with a large smile on his face.



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    A wonderful, touching Christmas story. A smile from someone who cares is indeed a gift.


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