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Thread: In the Summer..

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    Default In the Summer..

    Summer came and summer went
    Garden vouchers never spent
    we had no barbies we got no tan
    so now we are pasty and bored and wan

    It once was hot and really sunny
    But that departed with the Easter bunny
    Twas so wet it it made ducks of pigeons
    Is it all the fault of good St.Swithins?

    now the lawn is long and yellow and boggy
    the mornings dark and cold and foggy
    soon warwicks hills will be an isthmus
    Never mind- It'll soon be Christmas!

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    Default In the summer

    There was a time the sun came out,
    The holiday time when happy children shout,
    When Icecreams, lollies; the touts did flout,
    When people and thier dogs came out.

    With beaches bare,
    No boaters,Bikinis or swimmers share,
    Just an empty spanse of shingle,
    The Council tariff for parking there,
    means plenty chance not to mingle.
    Just parking meters stand and stare,

    A baron scape of sea defences,
    No happy B&B with cedar fences,
    Just humdrum days,
    with bygone ways,
    Playing out in the mid day sun.

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    Oh how we dream of days gone by
    Of ice cold beers and a clear night sky.
    Bees that buzz and pollinate
    Of the sun that sets; not early, but late.

    With autumn arriving and hints of gold,
    The birds that gather to avoid the cold,
    Hurrying and scurrying; for winter prepare;
    Sensing the feel of the cooler air.

    The doom and gloom will be as we make it
    And at times we need a dose of good wit
    For seasons will come and seasons will go
    Some days it will be rain, sunshine or snow.

    With the advent of Christmas and winter so near
    Think of the days of fairy lights and cheer.
    Gathering around a fire so bright
    No sandflies or mozzies to find skin and bite!

    Just as each night will surely follow a day
    The weeks will go by until it is time again for hay.
    When summer is heralded by the joys of spring
    And the birds are returning; the sun on the wing.
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