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    Hello all
    I'm hoping I'll be able to get some decent, honest advice on moving to Warwickshire. I've been offered a job which will be in either Whitley or Gaydon and may change to one or the other after I start so have been told that it would be sensible to find somewhere to live which is in between the two. I know nothing about the area but I can see that the towns of Warwick and Leamington pretty much fit this criteria. Are these nice places to live? Are there any areas which I should definitely avoid? I'll be looking to rent a place with 1 or 2 bedrooms, are prices expensive? Are there any other places you'd recommend? I need to be close to decent train links because my girlfriend doesn't drive.
    It's all a bit daunting at the moment I've just been offered the job and it starts early september so I don't have much time to get things sorted. Any advice will be much appreciated.
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    When you say expensive how much are we talking? I'll be avoiding the south if it's the rough end. Which would you say is better, Warwick or Leamington?

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    The west end of warwick gives easy access to the A46 and the M40, which makes getting to both places pretty straight forward. problem is the roundabout on their junction is being rejigged for the next 12 months or so.. once thats done it will be much easier. If you are in leamington or warwick you will have to fight through the traffic to get to either place.. Best to try a short let, till you can work out whats best for you. Good luck whereever you end up, and welcome to LR/Jag!

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    Cheers guys. Warwick sounds better for us. Are there any areas in Warwick I should avoid? Around 600 doesn't sound too bad for rent, at one point not too long ago I thought I'd be moving to London in the near future where 600 would probably get me a small cupboard under somebody's stairs.

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