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Thread: Leofric and WOL cost me a fortune

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    Wink Leofric and WOL cost me a fortune

    ...but in a nice way.

    I was admiring Leofrics photo's at

    and we got into a discussion on lenses, then cameras. Well I finally made the move from Canon to Nikon, including changing my lenses and I have to say despite the cost, its all been worthwhile.

    I am really impressed with the quality of the images so far. They are so much sharper, crisper and more saturated. I don't even have to touch them up, which is something that was required with my old Canon. I've uploaded some at my gallery Grant's Gallery @ Fotopic.Net but believe me the best ones are to come. We had a day up in Derbyshire at Carsington Water and I'm really impressed with the results there. Some of the images are stunning - even if I do say so myself. I'll hopefully get them up in the next few days and you can judge for yourself.

    So just a thank you to Leo for the inspiration. It just goes to show you what a comment on WOL can lead too.

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    That's encouraging to hear, that's exactly the kind of thing I hope people using WOL will get out of the site.

    Nikon is the way forward too.
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