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Thread: Warwickshire - Your views please!

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    I have to say i know this is an old post but we love living here it really is beautiful and so many places to visit and so many links for other parts of the country as well. We chose to move here having wondered around for a bit - Peterborough, Birmingham, then Lem and Warwick now Hatton and we bought this last place and its great - Country but its own station to londona nd Birmingham - easy motorway access, centre of the Uk so easy access to rellies, loads of history and places to go and see - lots of Nat Trust places as well as others and big shopping, boutique shopping and local shopping and i love there is the ability to buy local produce and support local businesses not just chains etc.

    Both of us were townies - me small town and hubby London born and bred and we both love it here. When we were looking to live somewhere I had heart set on the lakes but it wasn't feasible i thought this was second best but actually I now think it is better


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    I came from a farm and so struggle with city living. For preference I would be in the countryside again but practicalities dictate otherwise. I need the train to commute to work so have compromised and live in a market town.

    Warwickshire has many very lovely areas but if you are travelling along the road and fancy stopping to have your picnic lunch well, there isn't a lot of picnic stopping off points. I don't know about anyone else but sometimes I don't fancy going in and buying takeaway type foods and just content to have a homemade picnic. The challenge is in finding a pleasant spot to drive and enjoy it.

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