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Thread: TB Making a Comeback

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    Default TB Making a Comeback

    This has been in & out of the news for a couple of years. There are only a few cases, but doctors are concerned about resistence to antibiotics:
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    I actually know several who have had it. None are what you might call poor.

    There is an elephant in the room here. We open our borders to unfettered immigration and not only do we do no criminal checks, we don't even do basic health screening. - What do we expect?

    One of the guys I know who had TB (sadly no longer with us) gave me the leaflet in his pack of antibiotics to read. You were advised not to wear contact lenses as the drug was likely to turn them orange!
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    T B. I though the heading was going to say, Tony Blair, was making a comeback.. that scab on two legs. I don't know which is worse !

    But seriously, I used to work in a T.B, Clinic, and it was rife in London back then.
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