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Thread: Decontamination Works and effects.

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    Default Decontamination Works and effects.

    Quite recently there was a bit of a stir when quite a few people were evacuated from a supermarket site in Birmingham over part of the former B.L works.
    Decontamination works over former industrial land was a hot topic a few years back. That particular site in South Birmingham has had very intensive industrial use for about 100 years, and during the war was one of the top aircraft production sites. It makes one wonder about the whole question of the rush to re-commercialisation sites which really must be still quite toxic.

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    So much for cleaning brown field sites up. I suppose profits are more important.

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    There are lots of plots of contaminated land around. Longbridge was probably one of the 'cleaner' sites. I know of several local sites where the truth of what lies below is a little short of reality.

    Profits will always come before anything else unless it is you or I that is left holding the baby and the incurred clean-up fees.
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