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Thread: Driving According to the Road and Weather Conditions

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    Default Driving According to the Road and Weather Conditions

    Time for a whinge about those that don't slow down in wet weather...

    <whinge>Recently I went into town and it was hosing down but still needed to go there. On the way back I stood at one of the intersections on the Ring Road. There was a huge puddle where you stepped off the footpath to cross the road. I looked to the right and saw a Royal Mail van and decided the course of wisdom was to step well back. The van went through making a huge shower of water but I was fine. Following behind was one of the local buses and I thought, crikey, best I move even further back and some. It was clearly not enough and the bus came powering through. I was soaked from head to foot. What happened to driving according to the road and weather conditions? I wasn't happy with the experience at all, so perhaps the driver ticked his box for having drowned an older woman. My thinking is though, what IF it was a young Mum, baby in a buggy and even a toddler.... </whinge>

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    It's amazing how many f***wits don't seem to realise driving in wet conditions increases the risk of crashing. I remember driving down the M1 in bad weather a couple of years ago; I pulled out into the fast lane to overtake someone doing 50mph, (I was doing just under 70) & some idiot in a Chelsea Tractor screamed up behind me and started flashing their lights at me.


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