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Thread: The Gold Standard & the NWO.

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    Default The Gold Standard & the NWO.

    There is evidence emerging that the globalist government - on its way perhaps now - is aiming to re-introduce the Gold Standard (GS) as its centrepiece.
    I'm trying to get my head around all this so please forgive some rather random and not at all connected thoughts.(as a footnote the UK left GS in 1931 and the US around 1973).
    As we all know, the banks collapsed, and have stayed collapsed, since 2008. They're gone and I believe will never be coming back, at least not as we know them, Jim.
    The world lies under a mountain of unrepayable debt.It can only ever really be written off. Sure, but the question is on what terms?
    It cannot be as it was because the whole thing would just start up again and the traders would trade and add astronomical figures to the debt yet again. Our masters know this but that we must have SOME system otherwise it's 6,000 years down the tubes and we're back to barter.
    So they want GS.
    But what is the GS?
    A country is on the gold standard "when its currency is freely convertible into gold at a fixed price." (Cairncross, Economics, 1960)
    It does away with exchange rates, because the gold price is fixed. Countries would otherwise have to use their own currency to change into another currency when they import and export which is fluctuating.
    But if things are in equilibrium trade should balance. But it doesn't. Imports and exports rise and fall with demand, political problems, etc. Also, you might pin down gold but you can't pin down supply and demand. We had to come off gold in 1931 because it was throwing millions out of work. In the US I think it was oil problems.
    But the globalists think it will work when applied globally. But it will need one heck of a lot of management both the politics and the economics. GS is good news for creditors and owners of capital. But Keynes said it puts workers into a golden cage.
    But the GS is what they want.
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    If I understand correctly, gold still (theoretically) underpins modern currencies. Modern currencies are a promise to pay the value of an item at a future date, usually in gold. The problem we have is that if everyone decides to cash in their promises, the world economy will be royally screwed, as there is nowhere near enough gold in the world to pay all these promises.

    PS. I haven't checked for years, but British bank notes always used to have something along the lines of 'I promise to pay the bearer the sum of Łn on presentation, signed the Chief Cashier of the Bank of England' printed on them.
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    Thanks Lex.
    No, gold doesn't, not in that sense. Sure, gold is the ultimate source of value (but that's only because we have accepted the idea it is over millennia) and again that is because money is only an IDEA (Mueller, German economics guy). Gold was durable, nice looking etc so it's always been accepted (gold coins though are neither here nor there). Its money that counts.. Fiat money with the authority of the face of Caesar, the king whatever on it is backed by gold but in a fixed ratio when you are on the Gold Standard.
    The promissory bit died a hundred years ago when we came off the gold standard. So, yes, a fiction.
    But the Gold Standard itself is incredibly important. Can't stress it enough. It's a vast revolution. From sources I am not prepared to reveal (sorry to be cloak and dagger) it's come to my knowledge that the globalists are planning to bring back the Gold Standard. It's very logical from their point of view. The debts MUST be written off. But they CANNOT allow the whole jig to just start up again because vast debts will just build up all over again. The Gold Standard will allow them to abolish exchange rates (for which the Euro is the taster), flatten the curve, one sovereign authority for issuing money for which you need a global government.Yes, you allude to this but it is not the 'promises' that the gold cannot cover (which are fictions) it's just simple trade imbalances so for instance you have to export gold if you screw up on trade because the ratio is fixed. Creditors will do nicely, there is theoretical stability but it all pops like a bubble when the solids hit because trade freezes, unemployment soars, which is why we came off it in 1931, it nearly caused a civil war. Churchill who sold us out in 1925-31 and 1939-45 - gave most of our gold to Washington (see David Irving's magnificent biography), and Brown completed the auto-demolition. So, the Gold Standard puts us up sheet street without a paddle because we don't have any.
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