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Thread: Recycling Banks to Go

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    Default Recycling Banks to Go

    Makes sense if they're not being used & are getting vandalised:

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    Initially, these sites were a boon to getting rid of unwanted clothes, shoes, etc.. But sadly they are being abused by mindless people by using the site as fly tipping, The Recycling banks in our area are usually chock full and stuff tipped there, like old mattresses, old paint tins , kids prams and old toys, settees, plus yesterday, a big wicker sofa and other furniture oddments, etc. . this is disgusting abuse. The Council have been good at collected the rubbish and keeping the area clear. Now we shall lose this facility. I blame it on rented accommodation, as people move out, and new families or students, move in, they or the Landlords have a clear out and off-load all their unwanted trash over on the Recycling banks. There is one council house I pass by and the driveway is always strewn with rubblish from the kitchen sink to broken up wooden cabinets, discarded toys and bikes. it is so awful.
    And I predict fly-tipping will become more of a problem with all the new social housing being built. But what really incenses me, is that we have security cameras festooned everywhere , as many as in North Korea, and they never seem to spot anything.
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