View Full Version : Be on your guard...

04-03-2015, 07:29 PM

I've already had a couple of calls from these ar$eholes. I'm not ashamed to admit that they were treated to some exceptionally colourful squaddie/engineering style language and explanations in great detail of what I'd like to insert in certain small orifices of their bodies. - Believe me, it stopped their spiel dead. :D:D:D

But what has really annoyed me is that talktalk have tried to cover things up. When I approached them asking how I was getting calls from people masquerading as them, I was fobbed off that it was purely bad luck on my behalf. I wonder how many other companies have had their data hacked like this? I now question as to how safe my bank account details are with talktalk. - Not that there's a lot of money in any account that they know about.