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14-11-2014, 09:21 PM
Today I cleared out some cupboards - too much 'buy one, get one free' stuff.
Made a November resolution not to do it again. How much do we need?
Things too-- who needs 9 assorted colanders? And mugs--well they've gone. A bin bag of Christmas decorations
party stuff and Tupperware, baking tins going back yonks, 23 scarves and numerous trousers and jackets---they'll do for gardening, I'd say rather than chuck them, (and I don't do much hard gardening nowadays) even if I did-do I need more than one.?
Most went to the Salvation Army and the rest filled my bin.
I look now and can't see where they were,which means another clear out after the next bin day..

A funny episode---I found a a large pack of toffee popcorn my grandson left which had solidified into lumps .Put it on my bird table. A few minutes late I saw two squirrels with a lump each running up the garden and trying to get over the fence to next door. They kept dropping it but persevered. They must have come back because it has all gone.
It was so funny as the lumps were nearly as big as they were.
Forgot to take a photo.