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26-11-2013, 02:45 PM
Today I took one of my infrequent trips into Coventry.

Having carried out all the tasks set me I wandered back to the bus stop to wind my way home. The Centro bus pulled in, followed rapidly by the Stagecoach one.

I prefer travelling on Stagecoach because generally the buses are cleaner and the seats give you a little more space.

So, I meandered toward the queue for the Stagecoach bus.

As the passengers alighted, an old lady with a "wheeled" zimmer frame reached the doors to get off. A very nicely dressed lady awaiting to board stepped forward to assist her.

The lady with the frame screamed out, "Get away, don't you touch me, don't you go ruining my day!"

The would be helper just froze. The whole queue went silent and watched this lady exit the bus and go on her way.... Then the "how rude, how ungrateful" discussions started.

I can honestly say I have never seen anything quite like this in my life. It was totally unnecessary.

26-11-2013, 05:52 PM
Some elderly folks are so fiercely independent, but I do agree this lady's outburst was unwarranted.
It is difficult to know if a doddery old person want's help, yet they would complain that no one cares.
One day travelling on the bus into town the bus became quite full with standing room only, and an elderly lady got on, I noticed that her left wrist was in plaster and shopping in in the other, she was a bit unsteady standing so I offered here a seat, but she declined my offer, a little later the bus pulled up with rather a jolt and she shot forward, I held on to her to steady her, again I offered here my seat, I said, here love you'd better sit down or you'll do yourself a mischief, but still she was adamant and said , no it's ok thanks, I'll be getting off soon.