View Full Version : Places of interest we have visited.

10-02-2012, 06:57 AM
Thought I would open up a thread on places of interest that members have visited either recently or in the past , that we could talk about. It could be your fav place in the UK or abroad.

10-02-2012, 05:55 PM
Gosh- there are loads and also so many more I want to visit. I loved Hatfield House in Hertfordshire. Would really like to see that again. Longleat House in Wiltshire- stunning and the safari park is amazing. Its been developed far more since I went as a child but still a wonderful experience. It took us a day to barely touch the top so I think its one of those places you could go for a whole week and still not get around all of it. The Tower of London is so packed with atmosphere- all those poor souls without their heads! HMS Victory at Portsmouth Naval Base- she is now part of the Heritage Site with HMS Warrior, THe Mary Rose and much more. I used to work in the Naval Base and had the freedom to go onboard The Victory when I wanted to. I recall seeing The Mary Rose being hoisted to the surface too- I'm afraid she didn't look much other than a pile of driftwood and as a consequence I haven't taken the time to visit her in her restorative state. I've been to drinks onboard The Royal Yacht Britannia- the state wardroom is something else or was. Charles and Diana were given a solid gold statue figurine of a camel with a baby camel beside it under a date palm tree- The statue had rubies as dates. The story went that when at sea and in rough conditions the rubies would fall off the tree and roll on the carpet under the table. They used to all get down and scrabble about to collect them up. (I'm not sure if HM joined in - I think this was down to the staff ) The Blue Grotto in Malta is a fabulous place but the water is very cold as it is in the shade in a cave. Speaking of caves- Wookey Hole in Cheddar Gorge, Somerset. Back then it wasn't so commercialised.I've absailed off Cheddar Gorge and Pot holed in the Mendips.Deep caverns under ground with fantastic rock formations inside. Staligmites and Staligtities. ( Sorry about the spelling) I'll stop here because I am in danger of going on a bit and need to let others join in.